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4) I’m usually pretty flexible with my pairings. I’ll read pretty much anything as long as it’s well written… but I have a soft spot for Mystique/Destiny (Marvel) and Mainframe/Zarana (G.I. Joe) stories.

5) I’m going to go with the lovely Red Witch on this one. She writes pretty much everything from nonsensical humor and parody oneshots to multi-chapter (and multi-story) drama epics. And it’s all good.

21) Stumbled into one by accident, actually. The smut was in one chapter of a longer story I was reading…and it wasn’t half bad smut, now that I think about it. However, I was fifteen and having issues wrapping my head around why girls wanted to kiss boys (I knew it was expected social convention and supposedly romantic, but it had absolutely no appeal for me at the time), so it left me more than a little unhinged to find that halfway through the story.

39) I’ve read so many good ones that it’s hard to say. I REALLY liked CharraLoon’s “Obsidian Fire” story, but she’s since taken it down. In lieu of that one, L’ange-Sans-Ailes’ “Condemned” universe is a really good AU.  



Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

My dad is sending my brother down here so we can swap vehicles for the rest of the week. Normally, the answer to ‘the air conditioner is acting funny’ is ‘tough it out until Friday’, so I’m guessing he thinks it’s something other than the car possibly needing a new air filter. And he would rather have my brother (who knows way more about car mechanics than I do) stuck on the side of the road somewhere than me in case this winds up turning into something major on the three hour trip home.

The downside is that I do not get my brother’s car. No, my brother is driving Dad’s car down here. The car that answers to ‘puddle-jumper’, ‘tonka-toy’, and ‘fritz’ because its dinky and the radio is fucking possessed. But the air conditioner works really well, so I’m driving it home on Friday.






okay but a story about an asexual pirate who gets made fun of by the crew until he saves all of them from sirens

A pirate for the adventure, not the booty


oh my god i want that on a bumper sticker


Trying to pilot a ship here. Thanks.

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why are 12-15 year olds so obnoxious they roam in packs and they’re so loud for no reason i can’t wait for one of your moms to pick you up and carpool you all away


I hate it when a character doesn’t have a FUCKING LAST NAME, SO THEIR TAG IS FULL OF SHIT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT.


Scary monsters  (◡‿◡✿)

People turning into scary monsters (⊙‿⊙✿)

People turning into scary monsters and suffering from crippling crises of identity while struggling to maintain their sense of self worth and convince people not to be scared of them (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

So my car’s air conditioner is doing this thing where it doesn’t want to cool unless the vehicle is in constant motion. This is great on the highway, but for little trips in town, with stop signs and traffic lights, it fucking sucks. The car doesn’t cool off, and the heat gauge starts inching up toward H for ‘help me, I’m overheating’. It should not be doing this shit. But I can’t get it fixed until next weekend at the earliest. Uhg.